Maintenance Resources and Videos


We fully understand that not everyone has the knowledge to fix routine maintenance issues.  As a result, we’ve provided some very informative and helpful YouTube videos for you below, to help potentially save you money and correct the issue quickly!  Follow the steps in these videos, if applicable, prior to submitting a maintenance request, as failure to do so could result in tenant invoice responsibility.

Tenant understands that they MUST Protect the property from leaking water of any kind.  Tenant to turn water off to stop the leak, either at the source or the property completely.  And to catch any water from roof leaks or slow drips.  Tenant may be responsible for all repair costs related to water damage.  By submitting this maintenance request you acknowledge and agree that if the repair is found to be due to misuse, maintenance neglect, or could have been corrected by following the troubleshooting or videos below, the tenant will be responsible for paying the total cost of the vendor’s invoice.  The total cost will be added to the tenant’s ledger and will become due immediately, per the lease agreement and Tenant Handbook.

Before submitting an AC repair request please make sure you turn off the AC unit, change the AC filter, change the batteries on the thermostat, check/reset the circuit breaker.  Look at the outside unit (if it’s not on the roof) and look for ice.  If there is ice leave the AC off and submit your repair request.  If no ice, then turn the AC on and wait 30 minutes to see if the AC is then working.  If not, submit your maintenance request.

Please not that the HVAC and roofing vendors to not normally work after dusk or during rain and lightening storms.

We are available 24/7 for Emergency Work Orders.  Defined, per the resident handbook as repairs necessary for the preservation and safety of the property.  To avoid the suspension os power, water, hot water, heat (in freezing temperatures below 32 degrees) or AC (when the outside temperature is over 108 degrees or when there is an infant or seriously ill person present) or if there is a water leak that cannot be stopped.

For an Emergency Work Order during office hours call 623-298-4391 (leave a message if necessary) and email and field

If you have an after-hours Emergency repair (at night, on the weekend or holiday) call 602-396-9113 with the details of you emergency.

ALL non-Emergency Work Order and Maintenance Requests must submitted through your Tenant Portal.


Help “how to” YouTube Video Links.  Click on Your Topic:

If You have a Water Leak:

To turn the water off to the whole house / Main Water Valve

To turn the water off at the water meter/street

How to turn water off Under Sinks if a sink or faucet is leaking

How to turn the water off to the Toilet

If your water heater is leaking, here is how to turn off your water heater

If your water bill is high and you don’t see any leaking water there is an easy way to see if you have a water leak that needs to be addressed.  First make sure all faucets, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. are all turned off inside.  Then, click on the link for more information.

Hot Water Heater Repairs:

If your water heater is leaking, here is how to turn off you water heater

No hot water?  If you have gas, is your water heater pilot light lit?

How to adjust the water temperature on your water heater

Plumbing Repairs:

How to unclog your toilet using a plunger

How to unclog a garbage disposal

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal – should be completed every few weeks

How to remove calcium or soap scum on shower head or faucet

How to unclog a bathtub drain

How to unclog a kitchen sink drain

how to unclog a bathroom sink drain

How to keep your drains clean


Outlets not working?  Check your GFCI
How to reset your circuit breaker

Garage Door Repairs:

How to manually open up your garage door

Garage door won’t close

How to program your Lift Master Garage Door and Remote

How to program your Chamberlain Garage Door and Remote

How to program a Universal Garage Door Remote 

Garage Door – most common problems including remotes not working, door not closing properly

Irrigation/Landscape Repairs:

Leaking end on drip system

How to fix your drip irrigation

How to fix a broken pop up sprinkler head

How to replace a broken sprinkler head

General/Misc Repairs:

How to change AC filter

How to change batteries in your thermostat

How to clean hood filters on Stove/Microwave

How to clean your Top Loading Washing Machine

How to clean your Front Loading Washing Machine

How to clean your Dishwasher

How to clean a Garbage Disposal.  Recommended every few weeks

Clothes Dryer not drying your clothes

Recurring toilet ring

Every day hacks and fast cleaning tricks for items inside your house

How to change the battery in your ceiling fan remote